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Nordic office in Copenhagen

SAI is a sister company of INTETRA, and our Nordic office in Copenhagen.

Intetra engineers, based in Istanbul, design and develop high-tech mobility solutions for the World of Mobility, and is the leading ITS partner for both private and public players in the industry.

SAI engineers in Copenhagen, bring Intetra products and solutions to the European markets, as well as develop new solutions utilising the production facilities in Istanbul.

What we do

Engineering, Design and Consultancy

Public Procurement

Enter bids for projects in Scandinavia, Continental Europe & UK


Participate as sub-contractors for bid winners

Product Development

Develop new technology in tech-hubs


Enter partnerships, Joint Ventures or Alliances

Joint Bidding

Join forces to win tenders

New Design

Engineering, Design and Develop Projects

Some of our ready to ship traffic solutions

Future On The Road

– Variable Message Signs

– Variable Traffic Signs

– Passenger Information Display

– Mobile Variable Message Signs

– Speed Radar Led Traffic Signs

– Tunnel Safety Signs

– Road Studs

– Vehicle Counting & Classification

– Electronic Height Detection Systems

– Road Weather Information Systems

– Smart Lighting Systems

– Traffic Lights

– Accessible Pedestrian Signals (Aps) And Push Buttons

– Geographic Information Systems

– Project Integration Solutions

– Vehicle Mounted Variable Message Sign

Engineering & Design

Data collection & design of automation systems for traffic management

Data collection

Data is collected on site, either via existing collectors, or with our own systems, and can be integrated, merged or otherwise with any database already active


Our own expert team of engineers have multiple tools at hand to analyse and create prediction models of collected data, and to build a base for the model creation optimal for the purpose

Model creation

We build models on past experiences and opt to develop new models continuously using collected data to refine the creation, and the analysis to tailor for the in hand purpose


Each project, each user, each investor have different requests to design, but what center our design language is the ease of use, both infield and at the backend for decision making


All our solutions are based on the ample references that we have created so far, and we are proud to build high quality, all weather prone equipment, certified by international 3rd party qualifiers


Our mobile team is trained in our facilities, and know our equipment to the full, and their technical talent is expressed in field during implementation, by speed and quality

Some of our projects

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